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InfraRed Consulting Home Check–up Program

Thermal Imaging, now a part of Dana Pest Control’s arsenal, provides more information and answers to better serve our customers.


When we at Dana Pest Control first looked into this technology, we saw that time and time again the camera was being used to detect moisture and pest issues. This was the perfect opportunity to incorporate the camera into our present pest control company. We set out to locate the best camera and found the Mikron was the most impressive with the best training and technical support. Now as a level one thermographer, InfraRed Consulting Group of Westchester, LLC, a division of Dana Pest Control Corp., was born and incorporated into my life’s work: pest control.

Not only will this camera find moisture within the structure, as well as heat loss, it can assist in finding carpenter ants and potential termite infestations. Thermal imaging brings R. Dana Pest Control’s “Green Services” to a new era. Costly drilling for termites is virtually eliminated now that Thermal imaging can locate pipes and heat vents where blueprints may not be available. I can locate moisture problems that are conducive to termite and carpenter ant activity.

The most intriguing thermal imaging scan that I have done was while on a service call for ants when I spotted a very small stain on the living room ceiling. The client had spent a total of six hours with a plumber without locating the source of the problem. A contractor was set to demolish the granite bathroom which was above the area of the stain. Using the camera to take a picture of the ceiling and the shower, it was determined she only needed to re-grout and caulk some areas of the shower. We saved her not only money but the headaches that go along with the mess of demolition.

Thermal imaging; it is not just about saving money but spending money wisely. If you are thinking about listing your home with a realtor, a thermal scan of the house can spot potential problems that a home inspector may find. Finding issues within a structure before they become problems can save you money. Control your heating and cooling costs by finding the areas where you are losing energy or maybe you want to check up on that contractor to make sure that the insulation was installed properly. We can do a Wood Destroying Inspect Report and a thermal imaging inspection for moisture, plumbing leaks, radiant floor leaks, drain clogs, sewer drains, fireplace and boiler venting. This technology has no limits. We can scan almost anything including boats, generators, electrical panels, roofs, refrigerator compressors, additions, and thermal windows.

Call us to get a thermo–graphic inspection done to your home, boat or commercial building, and start saving money on energy and repair costs.

Our Inspection Reveals:

  • Moisture intrusion that can lead to mold
  • Hidden water damage
  • Roof moisture
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Missing insulation
  • Leaks in furnace and boiler venting
  • Electrical hot spots
  • Foundation cracks
  • Fireplace weakness
  • Potential pest invasions
  • Clogged plumbing
  • Radiant floor leaks
  • Window and door seals