Dana Pest Control

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Our office incorporates a full line retail store that carries everything and anything related to do-it-yourself pest control including “Green” products such as:

  • Bed Bug "Do-It-Yourself kits"
  • Protecta-Bed mattress covers that are certified bed bug proof
  • Pack Tite Bed Bug heating system, perfect for the traveler or business traveler
  • Bed bug Luggage spray
  • Mosquito Barrier (kills ticks, while repelling them the green way)
  • Garden Girls Summer Aromor Deer Repellent, Flower, Shrub and Vegetable Protector (100% Money Back Guarantee)
  • Roach and Ant baits
  • Rodent stations, bait and glue traps
  • Got flies, we have products for those too! 
  • Bio-Spot for dogs
  • Bee jars
  • ECO Smart Sprays
  • Flea and tick shampoo for dogs and cats
  • . . . .and much, much more!


We are here to help you through a process that you have taken on as a do-it-yourself client. We will start by identifying the problem, gather information on the history, design, structure, landscape and maintenance of your home or structure, then come up with a comprehensive plan to assist you in meeting your expectations in the pest management process.  If you are unable to conquer the issues, we can supply you with an estimate for us to do it for you.