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People have trusted dogs for centuries using them for companionship, protection, and scent detection.  A certified bed bug dog is around 96-98% accurate in finding bed bugs and/or bed bug eggs.  We can compare this to a trained, professional pest management inspector that may only be 30% accurate in finding bed bugs and/or eggs.  Dana K-9 Scent Detection dogs will only find LIVE bed bugs and eggs so that after a treatment is performed, we can also see how successful that treatment was.  This is a great way for any company, or homeowner, to be confident that in the event bed bugs are found, a proper pinpoint treatment can be performed with the least amount of chemicals, less disruption of your routine and little inconvenience to you and your family.  Dana K-9 Scent Detection Team helps to eliminate unnecessary spraying and treatments, cutting down the exposure to pesticides.   The most important fact is that our team gives client confidence, confirming or disproving the presence of bed bugs.  That’s right, sleep tight!

Termites have not been swarming like they use to.  Environmental changes seem to be affecting the yearly flights of the subterranean termite.  A yearly swarm of a termite was a warning sign to a consumer that their home had an intruder.  Without a swarm, a consumer may feel that there isn’t any problem within the structure of their home.  Out of sight out of mind may be doing a lot more damage than you think.  In our region of the country, the subterranean termite lives under the soil below the frost line. Visual inspections by a trained professional is limited to hard evidence like for instance, damaged wood, shelter tubes, or stress cracks that are not from settling foundations.  In comes the Dana K-9 termite team.  The canine can pick up the pheromone of a termite from under the slab and within the wall void.  Once again, our canine companions can help us avoid costly repairs and damages to our investments.  Having our termite team sniff out these house wreckers in your structure . . . . . . . . .  



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