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Introducing Dana Pest Control’s Termite Detection System - Ethel The Termite Sniffing Canine

Every Year, Subterranean Termites in the U.S. Cause Approx. $5 Billion in Damages!
Termites eat wood, and can consequently cause great structural damage to your home if left unchecked and untreated. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover destruction caused by termites, even though they cause over 1 billion dollars in damage to homes throughout the United States each year. Our inspection and treatment program can help you understand the threat of termites, and take the necessary steps to protect your home.

We have introduced the homeowner's (or homebuyer's) new best friend.  Ethel is a two year old Beagle, Jack Russel Terrier mix who is certified in termite scent detection.  Unlike any other service being offered to you by other pest control companies and home inspectors, Ethel can sniff through walls and floors, finding a current termite colony or the potential new colony.  Why depend on the human eye or the tools being used to find "potential" horborages due to moisture.  Be rest assured that our girl Ethel can find the current, or recently visited, areas of termites in your home or the structure that your are investing in.  Trust the experience of 30 years in the industry and a certified termite team to inspect your investment.  A canine inspection now can save you $$$ down the road on repairs and treatments.

The Visual Termite Inspection5 ways

You can’t assume your home is termite-free just because you’ve never seen them – they only swarm once or twice a year, and that may be after they have been there for five or more years, therefore, you might miss it! We thoroughly inspect your home or business, looking for the tell-tale signs of termite infestation. Some of the things we look for are:

  • Mud tubes built for traveling above ground
  • Damaged or hollow-sounding wood
  • Pinholes in drywall or wallpaper
  • Evidence of swarming insects inside or along the foundation
  • Piles of small wings or wings caught in spider webs
  • Other specific termite indicators such as conducive conditions that only a trained professional may find

We will implement the use of our Dana K-9 Termite Scent Detection Team upon request.

In addition, we offer Real Estate WDI Inspection reports for buyers, sellers, agents, management agencies or lending institutions.

Termite Treatments

To control these unwanted pests we provide a structure specific treatment plan which may include:

  • Outside perimeter treatment using a non-repellency product that will kill termites. This treatment becomes your barrier
  • Foaming hollow stoop areas using a termiticide
  • Advance Termite Stations to monitor termite activity around the perimeter of the home. Having a monitoring system may help detect termites before they invade your structure and will pinpoint problem areas of the foundation
  • Baiting programs for delicate areas where chemical is not permitted to be used such as schools, governmental buildings and homes with wells or close water proximity.

Termite Facts

Subterranean termites are extremely destructive. First they build tunnels to wooden structures, and then they burrow into those structures to obtain food. Any wood or cellulose-containing material constitutes termite food, and given time to do so, they’ll eat until nothing is left but a shell. Termites avoid light and air, so they build their colonies where you’re not likely to stumble upon them.

Is it a termite or an ant?
On the off chance you do see them, remember that it’s easy to confuse termites with ants. Fortunately, there are features that distinguish them.

termite or ant

  • Thick waists
  • Straight antennae
  • Two sets of wings (same size)

  • Narrow waists
  • Bent antennae
  • Two sets of wings (one wing is longer than the other