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Commercial, Industrial & Municipal Services

From office buildings and schools, to restaurants and homeowners associations, we take care of all of your pest control needs. We offer commercial property inspections, pest control and maintenance.

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Our Process

We have a vested interest in providing honest, professional, knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions for your pest problems. Our integrated approach to controlling pests for your business has several steps to insure a pest-free environment:

  1. Initial evaluation using our Site Inspection Report customized to each client’s particular needs. Poor and Good sanitation practices will be noted here
  2. Make suggestions and show you techniques that will make a world of difference upon our initial inspection
  3. Point out entry points that may have gone undetected and eliminate them if possible.
  4. Monitor current activity and come up with a service program that will knock down the initial population – or prevent it from becoming a problem
  5. Make sure that we work together. After all, this IS your domain
  6. We will put together an aggressive approach to prevent and eliminate problems and maintain a pest-free environment using the most advance products available (low-odor and environmentally friendly solutions are our specialty)

Our Pest Services

We can prevent, eliminate and maintain a multitude of pest problems, including:

  • Roaches and Other Insects – After inspecting and analyzing your facility’s situation, we will advise you on routines that will minimize insect infestation through sanitation and work up the “Best Fit” program for your facility.
  • Rodent Control – Our rodent control program can effectively eliminate entry points and reduce rodent populations. Maintenance may be the key if there are structural issues of a building that prevent “Rodent Proofing”. We will also focus on the exterior environment to find out why they are there and then work on a suitable solution.
  • Flying Insect Control – For the restaurant and other food facilities, Fruit flies, Phorid flies, and Drain flies are the most common throughout the year. The House fly, Cluster fly and the Bottle fly are more seasonal and emerging during the spring. All flies are attracted to decaying matter which can be from drains in the floor and leaking pipes (Drain fly), decaying organic and grease matter caught in cracks of the grout in the floor or grease build-up under stoves and refrigerators (Phorid, Fruit fly) Warmer weather means doors are open. Outside there are dumpsters and drippings from your door to the dumpsters (House fly, Cluster fly, Bottle fly). All these flies bread in decaying organic matter.