Eco-Friendly Approach 

R. Dana Pest Control applies Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to solve your pest problems effectively with a minimum use of pesticides. IPM is a balanced use of cultural, biological, and least-toxic chemical options to reduce the pest population to tolerate levels. This is our joint effort with you, our client, to protect staff, families and the environment we live in.

Green Pest Program

With our Dana Green Program, we will carefully identify the source of any pest problem and work with you to implement a low risk, effective strategy based on IPM methods. Physical exclusion of the pest, removal of possible shelter sites, habitat modification to make your environment less friendly to pests, and monitoring are several of the approaches we employ as your first line of defense. When chemical treatments are required, we will recommend products reviewed by the IPM Institute of North America for lower toxicity. These treatments will be performed in a way to reduce potential for exposure to you, your employees, family members or pets.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with the most effective, long-term pest control using methods and products that reduce toxicity. Our focus is on a complete inspection to identify opportunities to prevent pest problems, and to identify the source of any problem you might encounter. We will work to ensure that you understand the biology of any problem pests, and how we can work together to solve the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. We believe that an educated consumer IS our best client.

Think Green - Be Green - Go Dana Green 

A Green Solutions Program (GSP) is the smart choice for anyone who wants to minimize the use of chemicals in and around the home, while maintaining an effective, diligent pest control program. This is your world, and in your world there are options that can benefit your family. At the top of this list is something called GSP, an environmentally sensitive green solution that can provide the pest protection you want with the earth-centered properties you need to protect your world. Our Green Services incorporate special HEPA vacuums to physically remove nests of roaches in very sensitive areas. We are able to get to the cracks & crevices where roaches hide.