Pest Control Orange County, NY

R. Dana Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company in Orange County, NY. Our goal is to provide home and business owners with exceptional pest inspections and effective solutions for managing their problems. We also understand how important education is. That's why we regularly attend workshops and seminars and are members of affiliations like the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the National Pest Maintenance Professional Association (NPMPA).

Our techniques are environmentally-sensitive and our customized services are matched to your individual needs and expectations. You will receive the best individual attention from our highly trained pest management specialists every time. So, whether it be general pest control, termites, wildlife control or something else, our services are only a call away!

Termite Inspection & Control

It is known that termites have the ability to cause structural damage to homes that can lead to costly repairs. That is why termite control in Orange County NY should be an ongoing pest control tactic to practice. It is not always easy to determine whether termites are present on your property unless you know what to look for.

The experts at Dana Pest Control are committed to helping inspect your home and treat any possible warning signs that termites are impacting your building. We look for the presence of termites by searching for damaged wood, piles of sawdust, and even wings that the termites leave behind. If you suspect that your home could be at risk of termites, call our pest control team so we can eliminate pests from your home!

Rodent Control Pros

At R. Dana Pest, we have the tools and experience to make your rodent issues a thing of the past. You can tell those pesky visitors goodbye once you call us! We use proven methods to address your rodent problems and to prevent future ones from starting.

Animal Control

Along with our pest control division, we also specialize in animal control services in Orange County, NY. Whether you have unwanted animals in your attic, walls, or surrounding your property, we have the expertise and knowledge to remove them safely and effectively. After we execute a successful removal, we put in place preventative measure to ensure those unwanted critters don't return. If you are in need of animal control at your home, be sure to contact R. Dana Pest Control today.