Bed Bug DIY or Call an Exterminator

Exterminators in Rockland County offer a variety of different bed bug treatment solutions. But if you look around in stores and online, you will also notice a number of extremely cheap DIY methods and off-the-shelf bed bug treatments. So why spend the money on a professional exterminator when you can take care of the problem yourself? If only it was that easy.

To Be or Not to Be Your Own Exterminator

Bed bugs are very devious insects. They get deep into floorboards and crevices, and quickly enter the hidden and internal areas of a structure. They lay hundreds of eggs in a single lifetime, and these eggs are notoriously hard to kill. If you live in a condo, apartment building, or a structure connected with another, you cannot possibly treat all of the infected areas on your own. Bed bugs move and will quickly flee any type of treatment. Standalone homes and businesses are no easier to treat on your own. When treated, the bed bugs will enter the inside of your structure, and can remain there for up to a year before needing to feed again. Despite these proven facts, there still exist DIY bed bug treatment methods, like sprays, dusts, and foggers.


SteriFabTM, and other similar sprays, are low toxicity pesticides. They can kill bed bugs on contact, but do not have any effect on the bugs once the spray dries. Pyrethroid sprays are somewhat effective, but bed bugs have become somewhat resistant to these sprays. Pyrethroid sprays are also toxic to humans.

Fumigants and Foggers

There are many of these products on the market as well. Gaseous insecticides are effective, but only those that professional exterminators are licensed to use. Anything that is purchased from a store will not penetrate well enough to kill the bed bugs and their eggs, and is likely not strong enough either. Fumigants are very dangerous, regardless of whether or not you hire a professional exterminator.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Dust

DE dust dries out bed bugs, and can be spread in cracks and crevices all over a structure. The bugs must come into contact with it to be killed, and like other DIY solutions does not reach the inside of the structure. It is often used in conjunction with treatments performed by professional exterminators, and is very effective as a safe residual product for after a treatment.

Why Call the Exterminator?

Professional exterminators educate themselves in bed bug living and mating habits, understand where the bugs hide and lay eggs, and have the necessary equipment to completely eliminate an infestation.  At Dana K9 we partner with trusted and safe exterminators, and have 30 years of experience in locating and eliminating these pests. In turn, we will teach you about bed bug defense and long term detection, and assist you every step of the way.