Common Treatment Options

Choosing a pest management solution once you already have an infestation is never enjoyable. Take it from the professionals at R. Dana Pest Control, Rockland County’s pest management experts. We’ve seen some true nightmares over the years, and our mission is to prevent these terrible infestations before they ever start. With the K9 scent detection dogs and our proactive maintenance plans, your pest problem will be managed before it ever happens.

Types of Pest Management

If you already have an infestation, you have quite a few different options. First, call the professionals. When it comes to ridding yourself of pests like termites and bed bugs, trying DIY methods is never a safe option. But which pest management company is the right one for you? This depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to safety, toxic vs. non-toxic methods, amount of down time, and cost. Most companies specialize in a specific type of treatment, though there exist some that offer multiple treatment options. Either way, you’ll need to find out what method each company uses. The following are the most common treatments available:

Chemical Sprays and Treatments

Insecticide and/or pesticide is sprayed in the pest-ridden area. As pests can eventually build up a resistance, we rotate our products over time.


Steam Treatments

Involves methodically treating every inch of premises or infected area with steam. This method is chemical-free, but tedious and time consuming. Steam treatments do not always completely penetrate the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices behind walls, and thus fail to kill the bugs and eggs that are hiding deep within a structure.

Heat Treatments

Home or place of work is enclosed and then filled with hot air for several hours. This pest management method is toxin- and chemical-free, and is cost effective. Heat treatments are safe for pets and humans alike, and require little downtime. The hot air penetrates all of the otherwise unreachable areas of a structure and kills the pests and their eggs wherever they may be hiding.

At R. Dana Pest Control we stay abreast of all current industry methods and trends, and pride ourselves in supporting safe and organic pest management solutions. If you do have an infestation, we recommend using heat treatments to rid yourself of pests. Heat treatments have a very high success rate, and they are 100% safe for your family and animals.

How Do I Avoid an Infestation?

Be proactive. The K9 scent detection teams can detect both bed bugs and termites in a structure, even if only one viable egg is present. Our K9 pest management teams travel all over Rockland County, and are available on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure your home or place of work is pest-free. Couple this with our Bed Bug Monitoring System, and you’ll be as protected as possible from an infestation. Should we detect the beginnings of problem, our pest management experts can immediately follow up with spot heat treatments. Don’t let an infestations shut you down for days or weeks—be proactive about pest management.