Protect Your Home From Termite Swarms

The Hudson Valley sees some of the most beautiful seasonal changes in the country. As Winter melts away to Spring, torrential storms bring budding leaves and flowers to every property. Many residents in the tristate area are no strangers to the pests that also follow the warmth and humidity that the season brings with it. The East coast is prime real estate for swarming subterranean termites beginning in the April season through early Summer. Find out what you can do to protect your home against termite swarming.

Environmental Factors that Affect Termite Swarming

Termite swarming typically begins in the northeast around early spring, when the weather consistently stays in the early-to-mid-seventies. The perfect condition for termites to begin swarming is usually after a rain shower when the air is both warm and moist.

When a colony reaches peak maturation, many members pair with a mate and leave their home in search of a suitable home to begin a new colony. The swarming initiates when many members and their mates fly together in their search for this new location. After they have found a suitable location, the termite’s wings fall off and they mate.

Call the Professionals at R. Dana Pest Control

It is always important to call a professional if you suspect that your home has a termite infestation due to swarming. Although termites do not bite, and may not appear to have infiltrated the home, many still consume wood in their swarm and in the seasons to follow. This can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

In addition, it is important to collect any wings that you might find on your property. Some people confuse swarming termites with swarmer ants. The biggest difference between the two can be found in the length of the wings; termites have two sets of wings that are equal in length while swarmer ants have two sets of wings that are different in size. As insignificant as it may seem to save the wings of any creature you suspect swarming around your home, it can help the professionals identify the source of the infestation.

Whatever the case, the professionals at R. Dana Pest Control can determine whether or not you have an infestation, and treat the problem immediately and effectively. We use the latest technologies and best practices to treat homes from many types of infestations, termite swarming included. Contact us today for more information on termite swarming and treating it with our termite control services.