Why Consider Pest Exclusion?

New York is home to various types of wildlife. Many residents in the Hudson Valley area enjoy observing the different animals that reside in the area. However, those who own residential and commercial buildings know that sometimes these majestic creatures don’t make for great house pets. Many people don’t think to tackle their pest problem until their home or office building is already infested with critters. However, pest exclusion is usually the best method of control for a variety of reasons. The idea behind exclusion is to prevent the problem before it occurs. Nowadays, many people tend to choose a more natural and holistic approach to pest control.

What are some Methods of Pest Exclusion?

Pest exclusion can be used against any type of pest, including rodents, bats, squirrels, raccoons, deer, etc. Whether the potential infestation is at a residential or commercial site, the key to pest exclusion is finding and sealing the animals’ access points. In addition, it’s important to minimize possible routes into the home, such as close/low-hanging branches, bird feeders, and open garden areas. Some methods of excluding pests include:

  • Seal any part of the home where pests may gain access. Look for holes at least 4 inches in diameter, particularly in access doors, gaps, crawl spaces, roofs, chimneys, and under decks and porches.
  • Cut branches trees back 6-8 feet to prevent access to roof.
  • Install caps or roof vents to prevent nesting.
  • Limit available water sources. This includes covering pools and creating proper drainage to prevent pooling.
  • Eliminate potential food sources. This includes covering compost piles, eliminating access to fruit and other food, especially pet food.
  • Consider electrical fences around your property, especially gardens. Raccoons can find weaknesses in traditionally fenced in areas.
  • Use metal or heavily weighted trash cans. Also, consider support racks so they cannot be tipped over.

How can R. Dana Pest Control help?

R. Dana Pest Control is committed to working with you to prevent pests from invading your property. No matter what kind of property type you own, the most important thing is to first call and schedule an inspection. From there, we can determine the potential access points and work with you to develop a plan to seal off any and all of them. R. Dana Pest Control specializes in pest exclusion in the greater Hudson Valley area, as well as pest removal, bed bug detection, and termite inspection. For more information, contact us today!